The show in English

My first experience to do a show in English was on a german trade fair. No one asked me before if I would speak English … it was only .. my audiance didn´t speak German.

Hired by a German agency for a VIP Event … everything was ready, the contract made, the agent said: „Oh, by the way, the show is in English …“

Okay … I admit, I speak English and it´s no problem to do a show in English. It´s not perfect, but it works well.

I did shows in Table-Magic and Stage-Magic. And that´s what I can offer you.

Table-Magic or Close-Up-Magic is that kind of magic which is really good in an entrance situation. Your guests are coming in and have no idea who to talk to or where they should go. Close-Up-Magic is an ice-breaker. Yandaal gathers people together in little groups and walks from one group to another. He astonishes them and makes them laugh. People get a common experience, get in contact and have easily something to talk about: „How did he do that with this rubberbands?“

Table-Magic is great as well … at tables. And it´s a good alternative if you have no stage space. You need nothing, no special light, no amplifying … no stress. The show gets better, if there is no trombone band as background musicians. Every table gets his own private show. The near contact to the audiance causes fascination: „I could have touched him, but it happend anyway …“

Stage-Magic owns a different fascination. There is a show for all together at the same time. My show has a lot of magic … of course, but as well there is animation, live music and fire eating. There are volunteers and moments were the audiance is forced to react in common. So my magic entertainment is astonishing, but as well there exist moments to laugh and to have fun.

If your looking for a company event or an event were some or all people speak English, give me a call or write me an e-mail.

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